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    • D-optimal design for parameter estimation in discrete-time nonlinear dynamic systems 

      Liu, Yu; Karimi, Hamid Reza; Yu, Zhiwei (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2012)
      An optimal input design method for parameter estimation in a discrete-time nonlinear system is presented in the paper to improve the observability and identification precision of model parameters. Determinant of the ...
    • Daily energy expenditure through the human life course 

      Pontzer, Herman; Yamada, Yosuke; Sagayama, Hiroyuki; Ainslie, Philip N.; Andersen, Lene Frost; Anderson, Liam J.; Arab, Lenore; Baddou, Issaad; Bedu-Addo, Kweku; Blaak, Ellen E.; Blanc, Stéphane; Bonomi, Alberto; Bouten, Carlijn V.C.; Bovet, Pascal; Buchowski, Maciej S.; Butte, Nancy F.; Camps, Stefan G.J.A.; Close, Graeme L.; Cooper, Jamie A.; Cooper, Richard; Das, Sai Krupa; Dugas, Lara R.; Ekelund, Ulf; Entringer, Sonja; Forrester, Terrence; Fudge, Barry W.; Goris, Annelies; Gurven, Michael; Hambly, Catherine; El Hamdouchi, Asmaa; Hoos, Marjije B.; Hu, Sumei; Joonas, Noorjehan; Joosen, Annemiek M.; Katzmarzyk, Peter; Kempen, Kitty P.; Kimura, Misaka; Kraus, William E.; Kushner, Robert F.; Lambert, Estelle V.; Leonard, William R.; Lessan, Nader; Martin, Corby K.; Medin, Anine Christine; Meijer, Erwin P.; Morehen, James C.; Morton, James P.; Neuhouser, Marian L.; Nicklas, Theresa A.; Ojiambo, Robert M.; Pietiläinen, Kirsi H.; Pitsiladis, Yannis P.; Plange-Rhule, Jacob; Plasqui, Guy; Prentice, Ross L.; Rabinovich, Roberto A.; Racette, Susan B.; Raichlen, David A.; Ravussin, Eric; Reynolds, Rebecca M.; Roberts, Susan B.; Schuit, Albertine J.; Sjödin, Anders; Stice, Eric; Urlacher, Samuel S.; Valenti, Giulio; Van Etten, Ludo M.; Van Mil, Edgar A.; Wells, Jonathan C.K.; Wilson, George; Wood, Brian M.; Yanovski, Jack; Yoshida, Tsukasa; Zhang, Xueying; Murphy-Alford, Alexia J.; Loechl, Cornelia U.; Luke, Amy; Rood, Jennifer C.; Schoeller, Dale A.; Westerterp, Klaas R.; Wong, William W.; Speakman, John R. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
    • Damage identification of a jacket support structure for offshore wind turbines 

      Jiang, Zhiyu; Bjørnholm, Marius; Guo, Jiamin; Dong, Wenbin; Ren, Zhengru; Verma, Amrit Shankar (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    • DASMcC: Data Augmented SMOTE Multi-Class Classifier for Prediction of Cardiovascular Diseases Using Time Series Features 

      Sinha, Nidhi; M. A., Ganesh Kumar; Joshi, Amit Mahesh; Cenkeramaddi, Linga Reddy (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
      One of the leading causes of mortality worldwide is cardiovascular disease (CVD). Electrocardiography (ECG) is a noninvasive and cost-effective tool to diagnose the heart’s health. This study presents a multi-class classifier ...
    • Data collection and transmission for leisure time boats : based on Arduino WSNs and LTE 

      Baddam, Sriramreddy; Chen, Xiaolong (Master thesis, 2013)
      There has been an astonishing research development in the field of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) in the last decade. A large number of low power capacity devices have been implemented in different vehicles, where sensor ...
    • Data driven approach for the management of wind and solar energy integrated electrical distribution network with high penetration of electric vehicles 

      Mathew, Manuel Sathyajith; Kolhe, Mohan Lal; Kandukuri, Surya Teja; Omlin, Christian Walter Peter (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
      With the increased penetration of fluctuating renewables and growing population of contemporary loads such as electric vehicles, the uncertainties in the generation and demand in the electric power grids are increasing. ...
    • Data Driven Seal Wear Classifications using Acoustic Emissions and Artificial Neural Networks 

      Noori, Nadia; Shanbhag, Vignesh Vishnudas; Kandukuri, Surya Teja; Schlanbusch, Rune (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
      The work presented in this paper is built on a series of experiments aiming to develop a data-driven and automated method for seal diagnostics using Acoustic Emission (AE) features. Seals in machineries operate in harsh ...
    • Data management and concurrency control in broadcast based asymmetric environments 

      Finne, Arild; Trædal, Erik (Master thesis, 2006)
      Tens of millions of users have personal handheld devices with several network interfaces built-in, and the number of users and of network interfaces included are only increasing. This growth suggests a need for new methods ...
    • Data mining K-clustering problem 

      Karoussi, Elham (Master thesis, 2012)
      In statistic and data mining, k-means clustering is well known for its efficiency in clustering large data sets. The aim is to group data points into clusters such that similar items are lumped together in the same cluster. ...
    • Data quality-based resource management in enterprise service bus 

      Rasta, Kamyar (Master thesis, 2013)
      Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is proposed to address the application integration problem by facilitating communication among di erent systems in a loosely coupled, standardbased, and protocol independent manner. Data ...
    • Data-driven adaptive observer for fault diagnosis 

      Yin, Shen; Yang, Xuebo; Karimi, Hamid Reza (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2012)
      This paper presents an approach for data-driven design of fault diagnosis system. The proposed fault diagnosis scheme consists of an adaptive residual generator and a bank of isolation observers, whose parameters are ...
    • Data-driven green energy extraction: Machine learning-based MPPT control with efficient fault detection method for the hybrid PV-TEG system 

      Khan, Kamran; Rashid, Saad; Mansoor, Majad; Khan, Ammar; Raza, Hasan; Zafar, Muhammad Hamza; Akhtar, Naureen (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
      The hybrid photovoltaic-thermoelectric generation system (PVTEG) gives two-fold benefits; firstly, it efficiently utilizes the available solar energy as it converts both solar irradiance and solar thermal energy into ...
    • Data-Driven Pump Scheduling for Cost Minimization in Water Networks 

      Bhardwaj, Jyotirmoy; Krishnan, Joshin Parakkulangarayil; Beferull-Lozano, Baltasar (Chapter, 2021)
      Pumps consume a significant amount of energy in a water distribution network (WDN). With the emergence of dynamic energy cost, the pump scheduling as per user demand is a computationally challenging task. Computing the ...
    • Data-Driven Spectrum Cartography via Deep Completion Autoencoders 

      Teganya, Yves; Romero, Daniel (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
      Spectrum maps, which provide RF spectrum metrics such as power spectral density for every location in a geographic area, find numerous applications in wireless communications such as interference control, spectrum management, ...
    • Data-driven Transfer Learning Methods for Wireless Networks 

      Jaiswal, Rahul Kumar (Doctoral dissertations at University of Agder; no. 475, Doctoral thesis, 2024)
      Radio maps provide information about spatial signal strength and network coverage in a designated geographical area. The estimation of accurate radio maps is necessary to improve the performance of many applications of ...
    • Dataset from a mesocosm experiment on brownification in the Baltic Sea 

      Spilling, Kristian; Asmala, Eero; Haavisto, Noora; Haraguchi, Lumi; Kraft, Kaisa; Lehto, Anne-Mari; Lewandowska, Aleksandra; Norkko, Joanna; Piiparinen, Jonna; Seppälä, Jukka; Vanharanta, Mari; Vehmaa, Anu; Ylöstalo, Pasi; Tamminen, Timo (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
      Climate change is projected to cause brownification of some coastal seas due to increased runoff of terrestrially derived organic matter. We carried out a mesocosm experiment over 15 days to test the effect of this on the ...
    • Daugavet- and delta-points in Banach spaces with unconditional bases 

      Abrahamsen, Trond Arnold; Lima, Vegard; Troyanski, Stanimir (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2021)
    • DDoS detection based on traffic profiles 

      Kråkvik, Morten (Master thesis, 2006)
      Distributed denial of service attacks has become a significant threat against Internet resources. These attacks aims at disrupting the victim’s service by commanding a massive number of compromised sources to send ...
    • A decentralized Ethereum platform for smart energy trading : Designing and implementing an eAuction application for energy trading on the Ethereum blockchain by using smart contracts 

      Torp, Cristina; Eilertsen, Even (Master thesis, 2021)
      The modern energy grid is constantly improving its efficiency and flexibility by adopting new technology. Regional energy providers, however, have a monopolistic role in deciding market prices, and their motives have been ...
    • Decentralized subspace projection in large networks 

      Ghari, Siavash Mollaebrahim; Asensio-Marco, César; Romero, Daniel; Beferull-Lozano, Baltasar (Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2018)