• Accessibility of eGovernment Web Sites: Towards a Collaborative Retrofitting Approach 

      Nietzio, Annika; Olsen, Morten; Eibegger, Mandana; Snaprud, Mikael (Lecture Notes in Computer Science;6179, Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2010)
      Accessibility benchmarking is efficient to raise awareness and initiate competition. However, traditional benchmarking is of little avail when it comes to removing barriers from eGovernment web sites in practice. Regulations ...
    • Following the WCAG 2.0 techniques: Experiences from designing a WCAG 2.0 checking tool 

      Nietzio, Annika; Eibegger, Mandana; Goodwin, Morten; Snaprud, Mikael (Lecture Notes in Computer Science;7382, Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2012)
      This paper presents a conceptual analysis of how the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and its accompanying documents can be used as a basis for the implementation of an automatic checking tool and the ...
    • Proceedings from the workshop on web accessibility and metamodelling : April 14-16, 2005, Grimstad, Norway 

      Gjøsæter, Terje; Snaprud, Mikael (Skriftserien (Høgskolen i Agder), Book, 2005)
      This publication presents the poster abstracts presented at the Workshop on Web Accessibility and Metamodelling, held at Agder University College, 14th-16th of April, 2005 in Grimstad Norway. The abstracts have been ...
    • Project report : Methodology for terminology harmonisation 

      Snaprud, Mikael; Haldorsen, Tommy; Munkvold, Bjørn Erik (Research report, 2020)
      A common understanding of language and concepts used is essential for any meaningful communication. For large rescue operations effective communication is crucial to save lives. Such operations can require cooperation among ...
    • Project report : Requirements specification 

      Munkvold, Bjørn Erik; Opach, Tomasz; Radianti, Jaziar; Rød, Jan Ketil; Snaprud, Mikael; Grottenberg, Lars Ole; Pilemalm, Sofie; Bunker, Deborah; Majchrzak, Tim A.; Hagen, Dag Auby; Moen, Eivind; Steen-Tveit, Kristine (Research report, 2020)
      The SAMRISK project “Sharing incident and threat information for common situational understanding“ (INSITU) commenced in May 2019. The INSITU project develops solutions for establishing a common situational understanding ...
    • Sharing Incident and Threat Information for Common Situational Understanding 

      Munkvold, Bjørn Erik; Radianti, Jaziar; Rød, Jan Ketil; Opach, Tomasz; Snaprud, Mikael; Pilemalm, Sofie; Bunker, Deborah (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)