• Crowdfunding in Europe : Between Fragmentation and Harmonization 

      Wenzlaff, Karsten; Odorovic, Ana; Ziegler, Tania; Shneor, Rotem (Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    • European Crowdfunding Market Report 2023 

      Shneor, Rotem; Wenzlaff, Karsten; Boyko, Konstantin; Baah-Peprah, Prince; Odorovic, Ana; Okhrimenko, Olga (Report, 2024)
      The European crowdfunding market is dynamic and constantly evolving, while often representing balancing acts between harmonization trends, as driven by cross-border scaling opportunities, and fragmentation trends, as ...
    • Expanding horizons : The 3rd European alternative finance industry report 

      Ziegler, Tania; Shneor, Rotem; Garvey, Kieran; Wenzlaff, Karsten; Yerolemou, Nikos; Hao, Rui; Zhang, Bryan (Research report, 2017)
      This report presents the research findings from the 3rd Annual European Alternative Finance Industry Survey, which systematically records the development of this industry during 2016. This research was carried out by the ...