• An attraction-based cellular automaton model for generating spatiotemporal population maps in urban areas 

      Khakpour, Mehdi; Rød, Jan Ketil (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2015)
      We develop a cellular automaton (CA) model to produce spatiotemporal population maps that estimate population distributions in an urban area during a random working day. The resulting population maps are at 50 m and 5 ...
    • Project report: Requirements specification 

      Munkvold, Bjørn Erik; Opach, Tomasz; Radianti, Jaziar; Rød, Jan Ketil; Snaprud, Mikael; Grottenberg, Lars Ole; Pilemalm, Sofie; Bunker, Deborah; Majchrzak, Tim A.; Hagen, Dag Auby; Moen, Eivind; Steen-Tveit, Kristine (Research report, 2020)
      The SAMRISK project “Sharing incident and threat information for common situational understanding“ (INSITU) commenced in May 2019. The INSITU project develops solutions for establishing a common situational understanding ...
    • Sharing Incident and Threat Information for Common Situational Understanding 

      Munkvold, Bjørn Erik; Radianti, Jaziar; Rød, Jan Ketil; Opach, Tomasz; Snaprud, Mikael; Pilemalm, Sofie; Bunker, Deborah (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
    • VisAdapt: A visualization tool to support climate change adaptation 

      Johansson, Jimmy; Opach, Tomasz; Glaas, Erik; Neset, Tina-Simone; Navarra, Carlo; Linnér, Björn-Ola; Rød, Jan Ketil (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2017)
      In this article we present the design and implementation of the web-based visualization tool VisAdapt, developed to support homeowners in the Nordic countries to assess anticipated climate change and climate related risks ...