• Agencification 

      Trondal, Jarle; Egeberg, Morten (ISL Working Papers;, Working paper, 2013)
      One persistent theme in public administration is whether a government portfolio should be organized as an integrated ministry or as a dual organization composed of a ministerial department and one or several semi-detached ...
    • Europas politiske orden i endring 

      Egeberg, Morten (CES Working Papers;, Working paper, 2003)

      Egeberg, Morten; Trondal, Jarle (ISL Working Papers;2013, Working paper, 2013)
      Til tross for EUs overnasjonale karakter på de fleste politikkområder, har det vært vanlig å si at også medlemsstatene nyter en form for administrativ suverenitet. Med dette menes at selv om EUs politikk (for eksempel i ...
    • The many faces of EU committee governance 

      Egeberg, Morten; Trondal, Jarle; Schaefer, Guenther F (CES Working Papers;2003:4, Working paper, 2003)
      Committees linking national administrations and the EU level play a crucial role at all stages of the EU policy process. The literature tends to portray this group system as a coherent mass, characterised by expert-oriented ...