• Air pollution perception in ten countries during the COVID-19 pandemic 

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    • Climate mitigation and intensified forest management in Norway : To what extent are surface waters safeguarded? 

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      While the role of forestry in mitigating climate change is increasingly subject to political commitment, other areas, such as water protection, may be at risk. In this study, we ask whether surface waters are sufficiently ...
    • Depletion of coastal predatory fish sub-stocks coincided with the largest sea urchin grazing event observed in the NE Atlantic 

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    • Potential impacts of a future Nordic bioeconomy on surface water quality 

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      Nordic water bodies face multiple stressors due to human activities, generating diffuse loading and climate change. The ‘green shift’ towards a bio-based economy poses new demands and increased pressure on the environment. ...
    • Streamwater responses to reduced nitrogen deposition at four small upland catchments in Norway 

      Kaste, Øyvind; Austnes, Kari; de Wit, Heleen (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      Reduced emissions of nitrogen (N) in Europe have resulted in decreasing atmospheric deposition since 1990. Long-term data (1988–2017) from four small Norwegian catchments located along gradients in N deposition, rainfall, ...